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  • Visibility
  • Control & Measurement
  • Analytics

Revolutionize Your Treasury Department's FX Risk Management with DFXdata

Gain visibility, control and analytics.

Treasury departments are prioritizing visibility into global operations, cash, and financial risk exposures, and are looking to enhance their liquidity management capabilities by improving automation and access to data. They are also focused on controlling and measuring FX risk through hedging and natural hedging, while leveraging analytics to gain insights into their FX risk exposures through technologies such as RPA, API, visual analytics, ML/AI, big data, and blockchain.

Manage Digital Currency with 3 clicks

  • DFXdata has automated the data extraction process with Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials ensuring data accuracy, timelines incorporating subsequent modifications.

Secure and Efficient Treasury Management with CBDCs

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital currencies issued by a central bank to provide a secure and efficient means of payment. CBDCs can benefit treasury departments by providing a more secure and efficient means of digital payment. They can also reduce transaction times and processing costs, and provide an accessible payment option for individuals without traditional banking services.

DFXdata was designed with this innovative technology in mind from the beginning.

Industry Resources

  • “11 countries have fully launched a digital currency, and China’s pilot, which reaches 260 million people, is set to expand to most of the country in 2023. Jamaica is the latest country to launch its CBDC, the JAM-DEX.”

    Atlantic Council, February 2023

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  • “North American corporates sustained a staggering $43.15 billion in negative impacts to earnings from currency volatility.”

    Kyriba's, January 2023 Currency Impact Report (CIR)

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  • “Within the next 12 months, most surveyed organizations are planning to take actions to enhance liquidity management, improve cash forecasting activities, improve capital structure, address market risk, and increase operational efficiency to better deliver on mandates and address common challenges that include visibility into global operations, limited digital/treasury systems capabilities, liquidity, and FX volatility.”

    Deloitte Global Treasury Survey, November 2022

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Identify. Measure. Execute.

Get Early Access to the Digital Asset Management platform for Corporate Treasurers and CFOs.